What We Are

  • We are an Apple-registered User Group where users of Apple products can exchange ideas and share tips. We welcome questions and advice about Macintosh, iPod, iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, etc.
  • For your annual dues, you will...
    • Have 12-months of membership.
    • Receive 12 issues of the M.A.C.S. newsletter.
    • Be eligible:
      • ...to participate in our Product Review system. (If you are a current member, click here and read "Become A MACS Reviewer", for details.)
      • ...to download files from the Downloads section of our Members Only page.
      • ...to participate in Raffles and special drawings.
      • ...to receive a "Ralph Ticket", if you donate a Raffle item.
      • ...to borrow video training DVDs from the Resource Library.
      • ...for mail-order discounts. (Current members can download the "Mail Order Discounts" file from our “Members Only” page for details).
      • ...to have your website (as long as YOU own it) linked from this site. (View the current entries.)

What We Are Not

  • We are not affiliated with Apple, Inc. in any way.
  • We DO NOT support or allow any copying of commercial software!
  • We DO NOT sell anything other than members-only Raffle Tickets.
  • We DO NOT allow any business, member-based or otherwise, to solicit members during meetings.

The Meetings

M.A.C.S. meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at Holiday Inn: Asheville - Biltmore West in Asheville, North Carolina. (A map, as well as directions to our meetings, can be found here.) The hotel has wireless Internet access so if you have a MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod or iPad, feel free to bring it along.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings. There is no charge to sit in on our meetings and you do not have to be a member to attend -- you don't even have to own a computer. There is always at least one Macintosh expert at every meeting. We invite all skill levels. We especially encourage those of you who think of yourselves as "beginners". We do our best to break down the fancy terminology so everyone can understand the information presented. M.A.C.S. exists to help users of Apple products.


When attending a meeting, we encourage you to bring a sample printout from something you've created. Even if you have a "simple" document, it can be of great help to someone who's been struggling with the software you used to create it... Centering a title on a page, aligning columns of numbers, getting text to appear beside a photo, etc.

7–7:30 p.m.

  • Question/Answer (Q.A.) open discussion:
    • A time for the whole group to profit from each other’s experiences with both software and hardware. Ask questions. Because we do not allow soliciting, you will receive unbiased answers. We have members at all levels (beginner to expert) providing answers from a wide range of experiences.

7:30–8 p.m.

  • Short Officer’s Business/Announcements
  • Member-Only Raffle: $1 tickets and, sometimes, $5 tickets. New items are purchased by M.A.C.S. Donations come from vendors or members

8–9 p.m.

  • Your Choice of Activities ...
  • Software Review and Demonstration:
    • Items reviewed in the current newsletter are normally available for demo by the Reviewer during this free-time. Informal. Visit with others and learn from the information being given.
  • Bulletin Boards:
    • This is where we pin up printouts and newspaper clippings about Apple product information, current technology news for member’s awareness – bargains, warnings, etc.
  • Resource Library:
    • Members may check out materials available.
  • Beginner’s Corner:
    • A chance to ask more questions.


  • The $1 Raffle Drawing is typically for items valued at $50 or less.
  • Sometimes we hold a $5 Raffle. These are usually higher-priced or more-sought-after items.
  • Member-donated items (if any) which are received the night of the meeting are usually added to that night's Raffle.
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item9b The "M.A.C.S. Month" begins at item9b


  • Your M.A.C.S. dues must be current at the end of the previous meeting for full privileges.

Discounts for M.A.C.S. Members

Details are in the downloadable "Mail Order Discounts" file (located on our "Members Only" page). Some of these are:

  • Limited-time discounts from different manufacturers, for their software or hardware products.
  • Special Mailorder Account Reps who offer better-than-catalog pricing. ONLY ORDER FROM THE M.A.C.S. CORPORATE ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE to get these discounts.

The M.A.C.S. Meeting Location

The Holiday Inn: Asheville-Biltmore West

435 Smokey Park Highway
Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: (828) 665-2161

Be sure to visit our Map page for directions and a printable map.

  • The parking lot, hotel entrance and meeting room are all on the ground floor! (However, if you enter the hotel by the doors closest to their banquet rooms, you will need to walk up about 5 steps.)
  • This hotel has its own restaurant and bar. (Our meeting room is next to the restaurant -- just off the main lobby.)
  • Surrounding this hotel, there are several fast-food and sit-down-style restaurants. This opens the possibility for members to meet at a restaurant near the meeting location, have dinner and then attend the meeting. Here is a list of restaurants...
  • The entire hotel, including our meeting room, has wireless high-speed Internet access!
  • Restrooms are just down the hall from the lobby.
  • The hotel is handicapped / wheelchair accessible. There is even a covered entryway for loading and unloading. This is handy when members want to bring their Macs to the meeting.

How To Join


  • are available from the Membership Director at meetings and should be turned in immediately after the Raffle, in person. Privileges begin immediately after the meeting. No "new" mail-in applications will be processed.


  • For NEW and RENEWING members:
    • $25 per year. This covers a full 12-months of benefits. (See "M.A.C.S. Month" explanation above)


  • New members must join during a meeting. (Only member "Renewals" are accepted through the mail.)
  • A new M.A.C.S. membership is activated at midnight, the night of the meeting they join.
  • Membership is for 12-months.


  • An eMail reminder will be sent.
    • NOTE: Because we will be eMailing this reminder, as well as our monthly newsletter, be sure we have your current eMail address. (Our eMail address can be found on the yellow mailbox below.)
  • Renewal dues must be received, by mail or in person, before the end of the club meeting of the expiration month.

M.A.C.S. Meeting Map


Be sure to visit our map page to see a map and directions explaining how to locate our meetings.

Our eMail address can be

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