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If you're a current M.A.C.S. member and would like to submit an article for our Downloads page or this website in general, simply eMail it to us and it will be considered. The deadline for newsletter articles is the 25th of each month.

This list below provides a brief explanation of what each downloadable file contains. These files do not change very often. For your convenience, most entries show a date, which indicates the last time that file was changed.


Discounts On Products - updated 3/15/11

Mail-Order Discounts -

  • Before ordering your next Macintosh, a book software or peripheral, be sure to check this file for possible discounts from various online Apple-authorized resellers.
  • NOTE: On November 9, 2010 we learned that our MacMall contact person has a new extension number. (Same person, just a new extension.)

Discounts On Training Videos -

  • Magnet Media and Total Training are offering M.A.C.S. members a discount on all of their video training products. For details and the special code you'll need, visit our downloads page and download the file "Discounts On Training Videos".


The M.A.C.S. Flyer -

  • This folder contains a flyer which advertises M.A.C.S. as well as instructions on how to fold it.

MACS Statistics -

  • This 11-page file contains M.A.C.S. member's statistics. No personal information, just charts and lists which state how many members live in various cities, which Macintosh models does our collective membership own, etc.

Members Contact List -

  • This member-to-member list is provided "as is" -- a non-alphabetized text file. It contains only those M.A.C.S. members who gave us special permission to include their information. New information will be added as we receive it. "How to use" and "How to add your data" are included in the file.

Receiving The MACS Newsletter -

  • This file contains a few tips which you should know about, in order to receive our monthly newsletter. (Information regarding AOL (America Online) is also included.)


  • The M.A.C.S. newsletter is an 8-page, full-color, PDF file. Once a month (on the Saturday before the meeting), it is sent to each member as an eMail attachment. If you are not successful in downloading that attachment, or if you would like one of our previous issues, scroll to the top or bottom of this window and click the Pedestrian Crossing sign, located at the top of this page. You'll be able to download any or all of our 12 most recent newsletter files. (Under Mac OS X, PDF files are viewed through Apple's "Preview" program.)
  • NOTE: Because we will be eMailing the newsletter to you, be sure we have your current eMail address. If you would like to send us your new eMail address, send it to: Also, be sure your mailbox is not full. (This can be caused by exceeding "size" of the Mailbox or the "number" of messages your eMail Provider allows. (Contact your email Provider for details. This would be AT&T, Charter, Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc.)

MACS Resoure Index -

  • Each "Resources" DVD contains over 2GB (gigabytes) of shareware, trial versions of commercial software, "How-To" tips, etc. They also contain direct links to each items Web page. For a complete list of all the items on each DVD, download the "MACS Resource Index" file. Here is what this particular file contains an index of:
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 1: November 2005
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 2: April 2006
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 3: July 2006
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 4: October 2006
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 5: April 2007
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 6: July 2007 (Contains "Designing Web Sites - 101")
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 7: December 2007
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 8: February 2008
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 9: October 2008
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 10: May 2009
    • M.A.C.S. Resources 11: August 2009
    • MACS Members Only Files: March 2010
  • After viewing the contents of the index file, if you would like to purchase one or all of them visit a M.A.C.S. meeting and see the "Resource Librarian". Each of these DVDs is just $5.
  • Quantities are limited.

MACS Membership Form -

  • This form is provided here as a convenient method for current members to renew their M.A.C.S. membership.
  • This form is not to be given to non-members.
  • NOTE: When filling out this form, please complete each line. Even though you provided us with your information last year, one or two items may have changed or we may not have been able to read your handwriting. Please PRINT CLEARLY and enter your current data. We DO NOT share your information with anyone. Member's information helps us when making decisions as to which direction M.A.C.S. should go in the future.

Become A MACS Reviewer -

  • Here are the details on how you can review a Macintosh-related product for M.A.C.S.. It explains the qualification requirements, your obligations and benefits.


Salespeople vs Consultants -

  • This 3-page article explains where you can get reliable Macintosh-oriented information which is custom-tailored to YOU -- and some of it's free!

How To Use Compressed Files -

  • This 5-page article explains how Beginners can work with ".dmg" and ".zip" files -- including how to avoid some of the "Untitled 2", "Untitled 3", "Untitled 4", etc. problems some people have had.

Self Publishing Your Book -

  • This 9-page article explains one M.A.C.S. member's experiences with book publishing. It covers Literary Agents, traditional Publishers and Print-On-Demand services. It also offers some ideas to help you get started, if you 're a hobbyist or simply want a summer project for your grandkids.

When Installing Snow Leopard -

  • This file contains information which may come in handy if you are updating from an older version of the Macintosh Operating System (including Mac OS 9) to "Snow Leopard", Mac OS X version 10.6.

Making Music With Family & Friends -

  • This article explains how to connect an electronic musical instrument to a Macintosh, how to use Apple's "GarageBand" to create a song and how to get your grandkids involved in a song-making project -- even if you live hundreds of miles apart.

The Basics Of "Cloud Computing" -

  • This artcile explains "cloud", "cloud computing" and "Groupware", as well as Pros, Cons and comments for each.

Buying A Hard Drive -

  • This artcile explains various Hard Drive technologies and what you'll need to know before buying one.

Telephone Connections -

  • This artcile explains how to connect a modem, telephone and optional FAX machine so they are all protected from electrical surges.

Opening Files In Other Programs -

  • This artcile explains how to open all, or just one, of your PDF files in a different program "temporarily" or "permanently".

Easy Web Page Recall -

  • This artcile explains how to use Apple's Safari to easily jump to a lot of web pages with just one click! If you don't have time to read all the web pages you'd like to, this article will save you a LOT of time!

Backup Routine -

  • This is a simple, 1-page, 4-Step chart which outlines a suggestion as to "where" and "when" to perform your "important data" backups. These steps should be added to any backup procedure you currently use. This includes "Time Machine" backups (a feature of Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard) and any Internet backups -- if you use them.

Apple Software Flowcharts -

  • This is 1-page file contains 2 flowcharts. One shows how the iLife programs (iPhoto, GarageBand, iDVD, iWeb and iMovie), as well as Apple's "Mail", "iTunes" and "Safari" programs, share information. The other chart shows the flow of information between programs, when working on an iDVD project. (It also shows which programs to start with.) This file also shows which Apple programs are in the "iLife" and "iWork" suites, along with their respective icons.

Getting To Know Your Mac -

  • This file contains the following information:
    • How To Enter Diacriticals
      • Arrows, Math, Currency and Symbols
      • Want to know how to get interesting or strange characters and symbols into your documents? This one explains how it's done.
    • The "Summarize" Function
      • Activating "Summarize"
    • Envelopes & Mailing Labels
    • Keeping Track Of Birthdays
      • Start With "Address Book"

M.A.C.S. Mini -

  • This article explains the research and buying process involved when M.A.C.S. purchased its first Macintosh -- a Mac mini.

The Mac Malware Myth -

  • This article, written by Daniel Eran Dilger, was originally posted on the web site of "Roughly Drafted Magazine" on 1/29/09. It explains why the Macintosh does not have viruses, trojan horses, spyware or any other type of "malware".
  • Thanks to M.A.C.S. member S. G. for bringing this article to our attention.

A Few Tips On Electricity -

  • This article explains a few "DOs" and "DON'Ts" about electricity, cables, surge protectors and UPS units.

Going Wireless -

  • This article mentions some of the "Pros" and "Cons" of AirPort / Wi-Fi (wireless networking and Internet access) and Bluetooth (wireless mouse, keyboards, etc.)

Exploring Pages '08 -

  • This is a 127-page, PDF book, which explains how to use Apple's "Pages" program -- a part of Apple's "iWork" software Package. It was written by Hartley "Jim" Jackson, a member of the Northern Vermont Macintosh Users Group. This book is free to all Macintosh user group members.

Drawing On Knowledge -

  • This article could also be called "Finding Your Inner Artist". It originally appeared in the May 2008 issue of the M.A.C.S. newsletter. The article explains the differences between "draw" and "paint" programs.
  • NOTE: On these two pages, you'll find a few graphic embellishments. Next to some of them, there is either a mark of "AR" or "LF". These indicate whether that graphic item was created with ArtRage (a "paint" program) or LineForm (a "draw" program).

Testing Your New Mac -

  • Whenever you purchase a new Macintosh, it's a good idea to test its various hardware functions. This file explains what to test and why.

Converting AppleWorks Files To iWork -

  • This short set of instructions will help you bring your AppleWorks Word Processing, Database, Spreadsheet and Presentation files over to Apple's iWork software.
  • NOTE: Apple's "iWork" really is a great value. It's easy to use, it integrates seamlessly with iPhoto & iTunes and can import and export Microsoft "Word", "Excel" and "Powerpoint" documents... AND, iWork sells for just $79!!!

Predicting Apple's Next Announcement -

  • This document presents some observations on when Apple "has" (in the past) and "may" (in the future) introduce new products. It also explains which Macintosh to look for, in order to own a "plateau" model.

Why Computers Aren't Fast -

  • This article explains why we think our current computer is slow and why new computers aren't as fast as they should be.

Tips - From Screen To Printer -

  • This compressed (zip) file contains two text documents which include photos. They explain image "resolution" and how to achieve the best results and they also provide information on "RGB" versus "CMYK" colors. All this information is good to know whenever you want to print the best quality text and photos on your inkjet printer.

Burning & Playing CDs & DVDs -

  • During our January 2007 meeting a question was brought up about CD "burning" and "playback". Several members offered good suggestions but there was also a bit of confusion on this subject. This article provides the facts and resources for burning CDs and DVDs, as well as why burn speed and brands make a difference in reliability. This article also explains why some DVD movies don't play well all the way through and why some CDs and DVDs work in one computer or player and not another.

When To Buy A New Mac -

  • This is an 20-page PDF file which contains information and comparisons of the latest Macintosh models. View it on-screen or print it out. Created by combing through Apple's Macintosh specifications, as well as current "rumors", the charts will help you get a quick overview of various features and the other information will help you become a more informed buyer.

Should You Upgrade Your Mac OS X? -

  • This 9-page PDF file contains information on the latest Macintosh Operating System. View it on-screen or print it out. There's even a quick-reference chart showing which versions are usually more stable than others.

Macintosh Cutouts -

  • This compressed (zip) file contains documents which were gathered from the Internet. Each document contains a flattened image of a Macintosh or iPod. Print out a file, cut aronud the edges with scissors and fold at the seams (and maybe add a drop of glue, piece of tape or dab of gluestick). When finished, you'll have a real-life, 3D miniature of your favorite Apple product. Some of the products are: iMac (the original "Classic" design), G4 Cube, Cinema Display, eMac, PowerMac G4 QuickSilver, iPod Mini and MacPlus (from 1986). Believe it or not, someone has also created a cutout of an iMac Flat Panel (the one where the screen hovers over the half-dome)! There are some VERY creative people out there!
  • 2/8/10: Added the iPad cutout to this file. Thanks to M.A.C.S. member D.A. for sending us this file!

This page was updated on 3/15/11

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