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Computer Humor
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Buying An External Drive

The M.A.C.S. Resource Director
is available during our monthly meetings


Type Scale

M.A.C.S. currently has a few (very limited quantity) type scales which we are selling for just $5 each through our Resource Librarian.

A "type scale", also called a "type gauge", is used in the publishing industry to measuring various parts of type. This particular Type Scale measures:

  • Font sizes (from 5-point to 72-point),
  • Leading (the space between lines of text) (From 5-point to 17-point),
  • Rules (the thickness of straight lines) (from 1/4-point to 6-point),
  • There are also three rulers: Inches, Points and Picas.

This particular Type Scale is transparent (some are not) with black measurement markings. You simply place this rectangular guide on top of any text you want to measure. Since you can see the text through the clear areas, you just line up the text with the black markings and read the measurement. Once you have this information, you can use those settings in your page-layout program or word processor in order to achieve the same results.


Roxio "Easy VHS to DVD"

Current members can now check out this product. This will give you an opportunity to see for yourself just how easy this hardware / software product is to use. Once you try it, you'll want to purchase one of your own.

Preserve your irreplaceable memories by transferring them to DVD to save and share for generations.

  • Easily transfer video from VHS, Hi8, V8 or analog camcorders to DVD.
  • Capture video at full DVD-quality resolution.
  • Edit your captured movies in iMovie to add titles, transitions and other edits.
  • Great for transferring videos to iPod, iPhone or PSP too!

Requires: $80 deposit.


This adaptor
is inside the box

M.A.C.S. Members Only Files

This CD contains every file which was on our "Downloads" page when the CD was made. The catalog can be found on our "Members Only" page.

  • MACS Members Only Files: March 2010 - Over 65 files. 122MB

M.A.C.S. Resources DVDs

These DVDs contain a wide sampling of resources. Some or all of them may include: shareware, trial versions of commercial software, "How-To" tips, etc. They also contain direct links to each product's Web page.

For a full desctiption of all the items these DVDs contain, visit our "Members Only" section and download the "MACS Resources DVDs" file from our "Members Only" page or contact our Resource Librarian during the meetings.

Besides having access to a lot of great resources, these DVDs also become your backup for those items. These resources will save you a lot of time. Even if you have high-speed Internet access, we've done the research for you. We've even downloaded all the pieces! Each DVD contains over 2GB (gigabytes) of compressed information (some contain 4GB of data)!

Fee: $5 each (These are "purchase" items. A deposit is not left and these DVDs are NOT to be returned.)

Below is a list of items which are currently available (supplies are limited and we may run out at any time)...

  • MACS Resources 1: November 2005
  • MACS Resources 2: April 2006
  • MACS Resources 3: July 2006
  • MACS Resources 4: October 2006
  • MACS Resources 5: April 2007
  • MACS Resources 6: July 2007 (This DVD contains a tutorial by Paul Rego entitled "Designing Web Sites - 101". This self-paced, text-only tutorial starts by explaining some free ways to create your own web site and continues through to providing step-by-step information on how to use Freeway Express (by Softpress) -- this is the program used to create and maintain THIS web site. Although this tutorial is not finished, it is free to M.A.C.S. members and still provides a LOT of useful information.)
  • MACS Resources 7: December 2007
  • MACS Resources 8: February 2008
  • MACS Resources 9: October 2008
  • MACS Resources 10: May 2009
  • MACS Resources 11: August 2009


As a M.A.C.S. member you are entitled to checkout items from our Resource Library. These CDs and DVDs provide training and How-To tips about the Macintosh and some of its programs.

  • NOTE: Although these tutorials are for older prograrms, many of their principles will still apply to current versions of the same type of program. For example, even though AppleWorks is no longer sold or supported by Apple, many of the tips on that training disc will apply to Apple's "TextEdit" and "Pages" programs. The same is true for the Photoshop Elements 6 and Tiger discs, listed below... many of the techniques and tips offered in these videos can still be used in the current version of Elements and Mac OS X respectively.

Photoshop Elements 6 Instruction - DVD

  • Category: Training
  • Main Focus: 8-hours of instruction.
  • Requires: $55 deposit.


Inside Mac OS X: Tiger - DVD

  • Category: Training
  • Main Focus: With 8-hours of instruction, this video covers System software, the Apple programs included with Tiger, Safari web browsing and eMail.
  • Requires: $40 deposit.


FileMaker 8 Tutorial - DVD

  • Category: Training
  • Main Focus: Spreadsheet
  • Requires deposit.


AppleWorks 6 Tutorial - CD

  • Category: Training
  • Main Focus: (Volume 2) Word Processing
  • Requires: $40 deposit.
NOTE: If you check out Tape

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