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Instruction Instruction

Apple Training

If you have a dotMac account you have access to free Apple-based training. This page provides a few samples.

Switching From PC to Macintosh

If you know someone who is thinking about switching from their PC to a Macintosh, have them vist this Apple page to learn what's involved.

Apple's Mac OS X Support Page

This site contains just about any information you may want, pertaining to the features, benefits, use and maintenance of Mac OS X version 10.2 and earlier

How To Use Your Scanner

The ScanTips web site does a good job of explaining the various aspects of scanning. Beginners to experts will find this information valuable.

Apple Online Seminars

Check this link for free Apple seminars online -- including a couple on digital photography. Apple's web page is also a door into: Fee based training, Multi-city tours and Trades shows.

General Apple Training (free)

Professional-Level Apple Training (free)

Apple Support

Apple Education

Discounts and product information for students and teachers.

Macintosh Training

The following companies offer DVD and/or online Macintosh software instruction. Some of them offer short or sample sessions for free:

Atomic Learning / / MacAcademy / VTC

Magnet Media / ScreenCastsOnline / Total Training

Learn How To Draw And Paint: LOTS of free lessons!

Visit this Apple web page and you'll find free video training for: QuickBooks, AccountEdge, MoneyWorks, AcctVantage and PowerEasy.

Discounts Discounts

Deal Mac

This Site keeps track of the best prices regarding any Macintosh-related hardware or software products.

The MUG Store

An Apple-sponsored web site with discounts on Macintosh computers, software and Apple-logoed items. Accessing this Site requires a special, "MUG Store" password. You must be a current member of M.A.C.S. to receive it. To obtain the latest password, click here and send a request to the M.A.C.S. web site Administrator.

Apple Education

Discounts and product information for students and teachers.

Discounts From Apple

This Apple page lists refurbished Macintosh models and a few other discounted items. These are in very limited supply, usually have a 1-year warranty and you can usually add AppleCare -- providing 3 full years of Apple warranty protection. Visit Apple's online store, then scroll down and click on the red "Save" tag, located on the right.

Magazines Magazines

Layers Magazine | Mac|Life Magazine

MacTech Magazine | Macworld Magazine

Random Access Macintosh Random Access Macintosh

M.A.C.S. Member Makes Movie

M.A.C.S. Treasurer Neil Sander has put together a QuickTime movie promoting our club. If you're already a member, take a look at it and see one example of what your Macintosh can do. If you're not a member of M.A.C.S., this video presentation will give you an idea of what we're all about.

Steve Wozniak, inventor and creator of the first Apple computer, co-founded Apple Computer, Inc. with Steve Jobs. This site presents some Apple history and lots of Woz insights.


Probably the single best source for Macintosh news, troubleshooting tips, product announcements, etc. This Site links to SEVERAL other Sites.

VersionTracker, MacUpdate

Two of the best sites for locating shareware, freeware, software demos and trial versions. You can also find patches (fixes) to some of your favorite programs.

Charlotte Apple Computer Club

Check their web site for meeting days. You might want to attend one of their meetings. Handy if you're visiting the Apple Store on the same day!


This Apple web page is a great way to discover Macintosh-compatible hardware and software products. Although this page doesn't list EVERY Macintosh product available, it does list every Macintosh-related product registered with Apple... and there are over 23,000 of them!

Technology Trivia

Alias Systems, makers of "Maya" (a Hollywood-quality, 3D-modeling program), offer visitors a special test. Click here then click on the "Is it Fake or Foto?" link near the bottom of that page. When you do, you'll see 10 images. Your job? See if you can tell which are actual photographs and which were created using their software.

Web Site Linking

UsingGoogle's search field (text box), type the word "link" followed by a colon (:). Then, without spaces, enter the entire URL (Web address) you want to learn more about. Here's an example, using the M.A.C.S. URL:


Press the Return key and you'll see which sites link back to the one you entered.

Obsolete Apple Computers

This Apple web page contains a list of those computers which Apple no longer supports. If you own one of these models and it needs some repairs, it's probably a good idea to think about purchasing a new model instead.

Check Your Internet Privacy

Products You May Want To Consider

The following products are unique, fun, low-cost, helpful and / or have attracted our attention in some special way. Some of these products are not in the "main stream" of Macintosh software, so you may have never heard of them.

Each of these products has an interesting potential, which we think our members would like to know about. Although you could simply purchase one or more of these items for yourself, we're hoping more M.A.C.S. members will come forward and offer to review and demonstrate one or more of these undiscovered jems.

If you'd like to know our guidelines for review, please visit our "Members Only" page and download "Become A MACS Reviewer".

Of course, you're not limited to the programs listed below. You can request any Macintosh-related product for review and demonstration.

If you'd like to select a program to review and demonstrate...

  • Click the link, located next to the item you''re interested in. This will take you to manufacturer's product page.
  • While there, look over the product's features to see if it's something you can use.
  • Check the product's "System Requirements" and make sure your Macintosh is at least as powerful as those stated.
  • Download the "trial" or "demo" version of the program and examine it in a little more detail.
  • Send us an eMail and request the program. We'll contact the manufacturer and see if we can obtain that product -- there are no guarantees.

Here they are, in no particular order...

Stitches by Quixpace

  • Create cross-stitch charts. You can design them from scratch or from photos, drawings and clipart. You can also manipulate the chart with powerful painting and selection tools.

iBank by IGG Software

  • A financial manager and alternative to Quicken.

Bento by FileMaker (A division of Apple)

  • A powerful, yet easy-to-use database program

Bookends by Sonny Software

  • Bookends offers a host of features for locating, obtaining, managing, and using references to create bibliographies and footnotes.

Bookpedia by Bruji

  • Whether books line every wall of your house or barely fill one shelf, Bookpedia is the perfect application to help you keep track of them. Entering the information for each book is fast and easy because the program retrieves all the information from the Internet for you

Booxter by Deep Prose Software

  • Booxter is an application that helps you track your collections of books, music, movies and comics on your Mac. It is easy to use, fun, and has many very powerful features

Cheetah 3D by Martin Wengenmayer

  • The amazingly powerful 3D modelling, rendering and animation solution for Apple Mac OS X.

Comic Life Magiq by Plasq

  • Expand what you can do with your digital photos ... with even more Magiq! With creative features rivaling 'Pro' applications, while retaining plasq's signature ease-of-use, Comic Life Magiq is a Quantum Evolution of Comic Life. Templates, Props, Balloons and Spraycans are included - for fun!

Compositor by Artly There Software

  • Compositor is a full featured image editing and image to art application. Take the tour and check it out. Better yet, download the demo and try it for 35 days.

Painter Essentials by Corel

  • The simple-to-use home art studio that makes it easy for you to sketch, paint and turn your photos into paintings. Two new workspaces put the tools you need at your fingertips, whether you're turning a photo into a painting, or sketching and painting on a blank canvas. Based on the world's most powerful painting and illustration software, Corel® Painter™, it's the ideal way to get started with digital art!

Painter X by Corel

  • The world's most powerful Natural-Media painting and illustration software -- features unique digital brushes, art materials and textures that mirror the look and feel of their traditional counterparts. Setting the standard for digital painting and illustration, the Corel Painter X digital art studio introduces new composition tools, unparalleled performance, and the all-new RealBristle painting system that models traditional brushes like never before -- right down the individual bristles on the brush!

DrawWell by OneStep Solutions Plc

  • DrawWell: all of WorksWell's powerful vector based illustration and DTP features without the Charting, Presentation, PDF markup and external Data Merging features... for less.

DVDpedia by Bruji

  • A movie cataloging application for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all the information from the Internet via keyword or UPC scan, so you have time for more important things, like watching movies.

EazyDraw by Dekorra Optics, LLC

  • Make drawing fun on Leopard (and earlier versions of OS X) with EazyDraw 2.6, the drawing application of choice for the Engineer, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Artist, Hobbyist or Educator. And yes.... it is as easy as using a Mac.

Any software offered by Flaming Pear Software

  • They offer such an interesting variety of programs, we couldn't pick just one or two.

FlipbookTweaker by TweakerSoft

  • FlipbookTweaker: it easily creates and prints your flipbook from any Quicktime or DV movie. You can send your wishes and greetings to relatives and friends: a birthday, the first steps of your baby, a thought can be sent by mail and seen at any time, there is no need to have a TV set or a projector.

Home Inventory by Binary Formations LLC

  • A powerful, easy to use application for keeping track of all of your possessions. Maintaining a complete and up-to-date inventory is critical when making an insurance claim and in assessing if you have the proper amount of coverage in your policy. Home Inventory helps you with these things by keeping track of critical information about the items in your home.

iDraw by MacPowerUser Software

  • An illustration and animation program for Mac OS X. It has many of the features of high-end design programs, such as smooth anti-aliased rendered paths, diverse fill types including translucent colors and gradients, object transformations such as tapers and arcs, text shape manipulation, and much more.

Intaglio by Purgatory Design

  • Intaglio carries the legacy of MacDraw into the modern Macintosh world by combining ease of use with the power of Mac OS X graphics. Intaglio retains the feel of MacDraw while harnessing the full capabilities of Quartz and CoreImage

Klix by JoeSoft

  • Digital picture recovery software. Your most precious pictures are not lost, they're just 3 easy steps away...

Librarian Pro by Koingo Software

  • Organize books, magazines, games, CDs, software titles, and movies into smart collections.

Mariner Write by Mariner Software

  • Powerful, yet streamlined word processor solution for everyone from professional writers, to educators, students, and the average user. Boasting an elegant interface, as well as hundreds of intuitive features such as the ability to read Microsoft Word documents and produce customizable headers, footers, endnotes, and footnotes.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe 20 by Broderbuund

  • Mavis Beacon's unrivaled typing training program has great features that will benefit any user, from students just starting out to professionals looking to squeeze a few more emails into the work day.

Mellel by RedleX

  • The leading word processor for Mac OS X. Designed especially for creative and technical writing, scholars, and anyone who wants a reliable word processor.

Mike's Cards by Mike Sedore

  • 166 card games!

Nisus Writer by Nisus Software

  • Very powerful and flexible word processor

PhotoLine by Computerinsel

  • A photo editor, similar to Adobe's Photoshop but offers a few features which Photoshop doesn't...and at a fraction of the cost!

PhotoRescue by DataRescue

  • An advanced data-recovery solution for digital photography media. Whether you have erased your pictures or formatted your card by mistake, or you have experienced a crash, PhotoRescue may help.

Photoshop Elements by Adobe

  • Powerful little brother to the original.

Plopp by Planet Plopp

  • A creative painting tool for cartoon-like 3D scenes without the effort that comes with professional 3D modelling programs. You can build 3D objects very easily! Just paint them in a 2D environment and PLOPP will transform them into 3D! The 3D objects can then be moved or rotated in order to arrange them in a true 3D scene. You can paint different backgrounds and adjust the lighting in the scene.

PulpMotion by Aquafadas

  • Add your photos to animated template backgrounds and the program will create a QuickTime movie which you can then upload to a web site or send to a friend.

Puzzles Forever by Solitaire Forever

  • Jigsaw puzzles brought to life in 3D

Retrospect Desktop Edition by EMC Insignia

  • Software for backing up your important files.

Any software offered by Smith Micro Graphics

  • They offer such an interesting variety of programs, we couldn't pick just one or two.

Solitaire Forever by Solitaire Forever

  • Over 150 solitaire games brought to life in 3D

Sophie's Cards by Sophie's Cards

  • Sophie's Cards isn't just for a certain time of the year--it's for any time of the year. You'll find just the right cards created by our exclusive photographers --- or unleash your inner artist using your digital photos.

Any software offered by Stone Design

  • They offer such an interesting variety of programs, we couldn't pick just one or two.

StoryMill by Mariner Software

  • StoryMill introduces aspiring authors to multi-level writing methods of tracking characters, scenes, and locations, while professional writers will appreciate StoryMill’s time-saving ability to oversee and manage the full creative process with Smart Views.

Stox by JoeSoft

  • Research, tracking and analysis. A powerful tool for the new or experienced investor. Stox cuts through the noise to give you concise, timely information to help you manage your stock portfolio in a simple, single window format.

Swift Publisher by BeLight Software

  • Swift Publisher is an excellent Macintosh page layout application for designing and printing colorful flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, booklets, etc. Great choice of templates inspires your creativity and a variety of editing tools lets you quickly apply it.

TouchCAD by Lundstrom Design

  • TouchCAD is a combined 3D modeling and unfolding program focusing on the ability to generate complex 3D shapes and converting them into physically buildable models. (In other words, you can print out and fold whatever you design.)

Any software offered by U&I Software

  • They offer such an interesting variety of programs, we couldn't pick just one or two.

WorksWell by OneStep Solutions Plc

  • Broadly fitting in the categories of Drawing, DTP and Reporting software, WorksWell has features which place it firmly within it's own unique niche.

World Book by Software MacKiev

  • Encyclopedia

ZeusDraw by Chromatic Bytes

  • A vector drawing program with a fluid, graceful interface, great brushes and a host of other features. To learn more, take a tour of ZeusDraw and watch the movies. When you're finished, download a copy and try it yourself.

Language Translator

This tidbit was discovered by former M.A.C.S. President Paul Sexton...


  • Offers "language translation". Visiting their web page allows you to type text into a box which is then translated "to" and "from" French, German, Italian, etc.


  • Offers language translation tools.

Transparent Language, Inc:

  • Sells language-translation software.

EuroTalk Interactive:

  • Sells language-translation software.

Rosetta Stone:

  • Sells language-translation software.

Keyboard Stickers

(Apply them to a black keyboard with white letters and you'll have black letters on a white background.)

Note: We have no experience with the following companies. So buy at your own risk.


Wouldn't it be exciting to sit comfortably in your home, browsing the Web with your Macintosh, and be able to see live pictures of some far and wondrous place? Well, you can. The Africam web site offers live views of wild animals in Africa.


If you know of any other interesting, live-camera Sites, please let us know.

MacMall & MacConnection

M.A.C.S. has a Corporate Account Representative at both of these Macintosh mail-order companies. They can typically offer our members pricing which is better than their catalogs.

How can YOU take advantage of these special prices? If you're a M.A.C.S. member, visit our "Members Only" page and download the "Mail Order Discounts" file.


M.A.C.S. Members' Web Pages

Patrick Clark's Carolina Morning Designs

Patrick Clark and Linsi Deyo own and operate Carolina Morning Designs, which makes "yoga furniture". This means, Japanese inspired cushions and mats which serve as alternatives to the common chair, as well as other pillows and cushions made from natural and organic fibers. The website is full of articles on natural sitting to prevent and cure back pain.

Ralph Draves

Lots of great photos regarding World War II Vets, Bicycle Racing and Gettysburg. The site also hosts a movie Ralph made in iMovie, which honors World War II Veterans.

Paul Rego's Insight Data

Macintosh-only training, troubleshooting & consulting. Site also lists his choices for best and worst Macintosh-related products.

Visit his web site and learn more about his latest book

"Macintosh Troubleshooting Efficiency".

Kathy Tyler's InnerLinks

"All our products, workshops and trainings help individuals, groups and organizations to increase their understanding of interpersonal dynamics,strengthen their willingness to work in partnership, and to handle changes with grace."

If you are a M.A.C.S. member and have your own web page, send us the address and we'll include it in this list.

This page was updated on 1/22/10

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